I'm told to be a homo sapiens sapiens, a person of some sort, and I've been given the name Lovisa.The area I'm currently living in is called Sweden. And this is a glimps of my constantly overthinking mind. You may know me, or you may think you know me. But truth is, I don't even know myself.

Why I love you

1. You understand me. Even sometimes when I don’t understand myself.

2. You are kind.

3. You are cuddly. 

4. Your unlimited knowledge of good music.

5. You love me (for some strange reason)

6. You can brighten my mood up by just smiling 

7. You know what you like and how you want things to be. You don’t change for other people. 

8. You are open minded. You are smart. 

9. You have a good sense of humour

10. Your clothes always make me want to dress better. They’re fab. 

11-100 You are you